Healthy Brains

Healthy brains
The way in which our brains work varies from one person to another- this is what makes each of us unique.  One person may like Bach, while another prefers heavy metal.  We are all different.   Variations in tastes, habits, outlooks etc are part of what makes us all individual. However some variations of brain function go beyond what we regard as normal : some children develop ADHD, others do not.  Some, but not all of us, are abnormally anxious, or have mood disorders and depression.
Biochemically we are all different too.  Functional nutritional medicine looks for imbalances in key nutrients which are important for health, including mental health.   Specialist tests are  available to identify the levels of these biochemical markers.   Nutrient therapy aims to normalise elements which are out of line.  Margo can run tests to look for imbalances in minerals, vitamins,  methylation, kryptopyroles, whole blood histamine and many other factors that may affect our wellbeing.   

Margo Goldspink has been trained by Dr Bill Walsh of the Walsh Research Institute.  Dr Walsh,  author of "Nutrient Power", has worked with over 30,000 patients with mental health concerns.   "Nutrient Power  brings a unique new perspective to mental... behavioural ... disorders, including the crucial role of epigenetics. " (John Skelton, former assistant director, Australian Army Psychology Corps).  
Institute for Functional Medicine


Walsh Research Institute .........
"Nutrient power"
Dr Bill Walsh
    Nutrient Power\r\n
"Over his impressive career, Dr Walsh has worked with 30,000 patients with conditions ranging from autism to schizophrenia to Alzheimer's.  His book is an essential tool for anyone who would prefer to heal their brain with nutrients rather than drugs."-  Teri Arranga, editor-in-chief, Autism Science Digest

Dr Walsh's book "Nutrient Power" describes how testing for specific biochemical abnormaities and correcting them with nutrients can have a significant impact on mental health.

This book is available in hardback, paperback or kindle
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A test panel for markers relevant to mental health in adults usually includes minerals, urine kryptopyroles and whole blood histamine.   Others may be recommended depending on the indivudual case history.  Some of these samples are sent on dry ice to the lab in the US used by Dr Walsh, but many samples are handled within the UK.

The high cost of shipping samples on dry ice makes  it prohibitively expensive to ship individual samples this way. To keep costs down, we send samples in batches.   Due to growing interest, we are now able to send batches to the US monthly.  Contact us for details of the next collection window.

Blood samples may be collected at Medical Express Clinic, London W1 and  the Brampton clinic.

In addition to blood tests, we also run tests on urine, hair, saliva and stool samples.  With children it is sometimes preferable to start with less invasive testing. 
Has your child been diagnosed with ADHD and you need more information, understanding about ADHD, and support?  

Or do you notice that your child has trouble concentrating, or has behavioural issues, even if not diagnosed?

ADHD is a group of behavioural symptoms that includes inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsiveness.  Children and adults with ADHD can have troub
le concentrating, may be easily distracted from their work,  and may have trouble with restlessness, fidgeting and impulsiveness that is hard to control.

Could nutritional therapy have an impact on your child's behaviour, concentration or academic acheivement?   

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