Margo Goldspink experienced chronic illness for many years. She understands the patient's perspective, and the need for practical advice and support.

Nutritional therapy helped her to recover after 8 years of chronic fatigue/ME.   Within a year her strength had recovered enough for her to start on a degree in nutritional medicine, instead of going back to her previous role as managing director of a London university business.  

At the Olive Tree Clinic, we aim to provide a very high standard of advice, consistent with the standards of the professional organisations of which Margo is a member.

Continuing education is key for keeping up with the latest advances in research on how our cells interact with nutrients and toxins, and Margo attends many specialist courses every year. 

One area of special interest is mood and mental health.   She has studied with Dr Bill Walsh of the Walsh Reasearch institute, author of "Nutrient Power"- an explanation of how biochemical factors can affect mental health.  Margo was the first UK-based practitioner to become a certified Walsh Institute Mental Health practitioner.

The Olive Tree Clinic offers specialist testing for key biochemical parameters relevant to mental health, as well as for other health issues.

British Association for Applied
Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy
BANT (GOL0111191)

Complementary and Natural
Healthcare Council

CNHC  (000278- D10)
Nutritional Therapy Council  NTC

Royal Society of Medicine, RSM 

Institute of Functional Medicine, IFM

Integrated Medicine for Mental Health IMMH
Margo has attended many training courses including:

Walsh Resarch Institute Medical Practitioner TrainingWRI
Functional Medicine training, Institute for Functional Medicine  IFM 
Functional Medicine University at 
Adrenal Stress
Autoimmune disease
Coeliac disease
Inflammation and Pain
Sports Medicine
Stress Management 
Thyroid conditions
Tics and Tourette's Syndrome
Weight Loss
Genomic Testing 
First Line Therapy 

The Olive Tree Clinic recommends the folowing associates:


Orbis Fitness personal trainers help clients achieve their individual goals whether it be sport-specific conditioning or weight management through to functional rehabilitation and corrective exercise.

Orbis Fitness offers Sports Massage therapy, GP Referral, Nutrition and Weight Management, Adapted Physical Activity for people with disabilities, Advanced Cardiovascular and resistance Training Techniques, Sports Specific Conditioning, Circuit Training and Boxercise.

General Fitness gives many benefits including increased energy, stamina, improved cardiovascular function and general sense of well-being.   To view Orbis Fitness website, click here.

How can nutritional therapy impact my business?

Productivity and morale can be strained by absenteeism and ill health amongst your staff.

Employees who are brimming with optimal health are likely to be less frequently absent, more productive and positive.  

Stress management and good nutrition are key components for  healthy workforce.

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