Is this you?
  • In the best of health
  • Brimming with energy
  • Cheerful,  optimistic
  • Stable moods
  • Clear and sharp mentally
  • Comfortable, efficient digestion
  • Strong muscles and pain-free joints
  • Refreshing sleep every night
  • Great shape, weight and skin
  • Vibrantly alive
These are all affected by the health of the cells in our bodies.

If our cells have inadequate essential nutrients, they work less efficiently and our health can be damaged. Our health is affected by our eating habits, by inadequate sleep, by high levels of stress and by the toxins and anti-nutrients to which we are exposed through our air, water and food.

A nutritional therapy programme at the Olive Tree Clinic can help you deal with these issues.

Nutritional therapy provides expert advice to identify the changes you need to make, and ongoing personal support to help you achieve them.

German Nutrition Society advises vegans to supplement vitamin  b12
The German Nutrition Society (DGE) has updated vitamin B12 reference values and recommends vegan diet followers take a supplement daily to compensate for the regimen’s nutritional deficiencies. 

In a plant-based diet, it is difficult to obtain all the nutrients a body needs.   One of themost critical shortfalls in a vegan diet is Vitamin B12.   The DGE point out that  others that might be low include protein, omega 3 essential fatty acids,  some minerals and vitamins B2 and D.

Omnivores are also often deficient in one nutrient or another.  We advise everyone to have a health MOT to have these tested.

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the BLUE in BLueberries can help blood pressure

February 2019
Scientists from Kings College have just published some research that demonstrates that blueberries have a number of benefits for  heart health.

After giving  blueberries for a month, they found improvements in blood vessel function,  endothelial  function, and blood pressure reduction comparable to that from medications.

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Patients have said

"I did not realise such a difference could be made from changing and balancing my diet and adding the correct supplements"

"I really had tried everything. I am now much less bloated and toxic, lost weight and have lots more energy"
Corporate Clients
How can nutritional therapy impact my business?

Productivity and morale can be strained by absenteeism and ill health amongst your staff.

Employees who are brimming with optimal health are likely to be less frequently absent, more productive and positive.  

Stress management and good nutrition are key components for  healthy workforce.

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