Is this you?
  • In the best of health
  • Brimming with energy
  • Cheerful,  optimistic
  • Stable moods
  • Clear and sharp mentally
  • Comfortable, efficient digestion
  • Strong muscles and pain-free joints
  • Refreshing sleep every night
  • Great shape, weight and skin
  • Vibrantly alive
These are all affected by the health of the cells in our bodies.

If our cells have inadequate essential nutrients, they work less efficiently and our health can be damaged. Our health is affected by our eating habits, by inadequate sleep, by high levels of stress and by the toxins and anti-nutrients to which we are exposed through our air, water and food.

A nutritional therapy programme at the Olive Tree Clinic can help you deal with these issues.

Nutritional therapy provides expert advice to identify the changes you need to make, and ongoing personal support to help you achieve them.
World Alzheimer's MONTH

SEPTEMber 2017
September is World Alzheimer's Month, with a specially dedicated day on September 20th,  World  Alzheimer's Day.
Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia, with over half a million cases in the UK alone.   It is a progressive disease, involving neurological changes leading to  nerve cell death and loss of brain tissue.  Initially symptoms may be mild, like absent-mindedness, losing keys, etc.  However in time this can progress to problems with communication, concentration, orientation and mood.   Later stages can involve hallucinations and aggresive behaviuor.  

Alzheimer's must be one of the most  distressing and feared conditions of the 21st century.  

Research has indicated  that  nutrition can play an important role in prevention -see

 If you are concerned about Alzheimer's risk,  always have a thorough medical work up with your doctor.  However it is also worth having a nutritional assessement .

For more information about whether nutritional therapy can help,  contact us.

September 2017

September is the month the Soil Association invites us to focus on organic produce.

"When you see the Organic symbol you can be sure what you buy has been produced to the highest standards. It means fewer pesticides, no artificial additives or preservatives, the highest standards of animal welfare and no GM ingredients.

Organic food comes from trusted sources.  Any food products labelled as organic must meet a strict set of standards thta define what farmenrs and food manufactureres can and cannot do in the produciton of organic food. All organic farms are inspected at least once a yeasr and the standards for organic food are laid down by European Law.

The choices you make with the food you eat have an impact on the world you live in."

Visit the Soil Association's website:

You can download FREE starter kits to get discounts on organic products, and learn about events across the UK.  There is a draw with great prizes like a year's supply of Pukka teas, an organic hamper from Eversfield organic, BOOM Award winning blogger cook book "Veggie Desserts", and one of 10 organic veg boxes from Able and Cole

Contact us to help optimise your diet using healthy ingredients.
Patients have said

"I did not realise such a difference could be made from changing and balancing my diet and adding the correct supplements"

"I really had tried everything. I am now much less bloated and toxic, lost weight and have lots more energy"
Corporate Clients
How can nutritional therapy impact my business?

Productivity and morale can be strained by absenteeism and ill health amongst your staff.

Employees who are brimming with optimal health are likely to be less frequently absent, more productive and positive.  

Stress management and good nutrition are key components for  healthy workforce.

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